monitor provides operators and regulators with a holistic view and a closed loop process that helps to create and sustain a safe and fun gambling environment.


monitor continually tracks and reports all major harm indicators and helps manage and control a sustainable gambling environment. Visualized data in the form of easy-to-understand illustrations display all performance indicators. These data are evidence-based and can help in evaluating player risk.

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You cannot control what you cannot measure. This philosophy laid the foundation for a scientific hypothesis that resulted in a number of high quality academic publications describing the concept of ‘Theoretical Loss’. It enables gaming operators to reliably measure gambling involvement over time and lies at the heart of the analytical engine.


Prevention is embedded into the core of monitor. The power to know leads to actions that help create a safer but yet fun gambling environment. With monitor’s predictive analysis engine, proactive action can be initiated long before harm from gaming has occurred.


With numbers assigned to players, games, marketing initiatives, and other important aspects of the gambling environment, game and player risk can be assessed from all angles. monitor’s powerful reporting and analytic engine provides the power to know what to do at specific points of time.

Research Library

neccton strongly believes in a scientifically sound approach. For that reason we conduct theoretical as well as empirical research. In our research library you can find all our academic publications.

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