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neccton gives you certainty.
About yesterday, today and tomorrow.


generate knowledge

Big data is a complex topic. That's why neccton's approach is simple: a clever combination of information technology, business expertise and substantiated consumer psychology.
Pure data isn't enough. That's why we link your information to knowledge.


combine your data

With comprehensive expterise in all areas of big data, neccton brings structure to your data: from collecting, cleansing and analysing to reporting information that is relevant to your decision process.
Which systems we use? The ones that are already in place - or that are a perfect fit. Supplier neutral - always.


predict the future

What do your customer want tomorrow? What do you need to do better today? With predictive analytics, you can look into the future - no crystal ball required. Scientifically substantiated and authoritative.
We help you to produce precise forecasts and business projections.

We solve tricky problems

The best example of our efficient approach to complex topics is mentor, the software application we developed. Mentor is an intelligent system to protect players in the context of online gambling. Supported by a sophisticated data warehouse solution and an automated data mining environment, mentor calculates exact trends from the game data recorded, and generates personalised feedback for game participants. In doing so, mentor makes a scientifically substantiated contribution to the prevention of gambling addiction. At the same time, mentor overcomes a multi-layered challenge in the area of business intelligence – all the while maintaining the highest degree of security, responsibility and reliability.

a better basis for customer decision making

mentor is a responsible gaming solution that helps players to confine their gambling behaviours within appropriate boundaries.
mentor informs and advises players at exactly the right time, using individual messages and graphics-based status reports. This enables a customer to better evaluate his or her own gambling behaviour.

scientifically substantiated statements

mentor works anywhere that gambling data relating to an individual is available ¬– e.g. in online games or slot machines with a gamer’s card.
mentor analyses individual gambling behaviour based on the latest findings in psychological and behavioural gambling research.

customers’ long-term trust

mentor provides customers with a clear overview of games played, and alerts players to potentially problematic changes in playing intensity early on.
mentor contributes to long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty, and strengthens trust in the game vendor’s brand and products.

what our customers have in common? success!


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