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The Neccton solution is a one-stop shop analytical application for online gambling providers.

Responsible Gaming aCRM AML FRAUD

Online Gambling can attract criminal organisations aimed at “washing” money obtained from certain criminal activities

  • The neccton solution is real-time
  • The neccton solution is AI-based
  • Affordable due to a traffic based license model
  • Large number of features such as incident management, player profiling, reporting, etc.
  • One integration for AML, FRAUD, Responsible Gaming and aCRM
Responsible Gaming aCRM AML FRAUD

Regulators across the world are increasingly regulating online gambling. Operators are required to identify harmful play and interact with players.

    Mentor live facts:

  • Dozens of operators are using mentor on more than 30 online gambling sites
  • Mentor live is monitoring players in UK, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, Finland, Canada and many more countries
  • Mentor live is real-time
  • Mentor live is scientifically sound: Visit our research section

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Responsible Gaming aCRM AML FRAUD

“The neccton solution predicts Fraud before it even happens” Online Gambling operators are losing billions of Dollars each year through fraud. Bonus abuse, chargeback and credit card fraud are the most frequent types of fraud.

  • The neccton solution’s AI models detect FRAUD in real-time
  • Rules can be build and changed in real-time
  • Neccton’s outlier based approach detects newly emerging FRAUD patterns
  • The operator’s users are alerted in real-time about FRAUD transactions
Responsible Gaming aCRM AML FRAUD

The gambling industry becomes more and more regulated which leaves less and less opportunities for CRM!

The neccton solution’s integrated approach ultilizes 100% of the CRM potential taking into account Responsible Gaming, FRAUD and AML at the same time.

  • Cross-Selling new game-types
  • Predicting customer life-time
  • Predicting customer churn
  • Player Segmentations
Responsible Gaming aCRM AML FRAUD

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Dr. Michael Auer from neccton has published more than 40 gambling specific studies focusing on the understanding of player behaviour and the impact of Responsible Gaming tools. Most of the studies are based on real-world players from actual operators such as Norsk Tipping, Rikstoto, Comeon Group, Kindred, Skillonnet and others.

Our research is ongoing and we suggest you visit us regularly to keep informed about our latest publications

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May 2023
New academic study by Dr. Michael Auer
Predicting High-Risk Gambling Based on the First Seven Days of Gambling Activity After Registration Using Account-Based Tracking Data
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May 23-25, 2023
Dr. Michael Auer to present at the prestigious conference on gambling and risk taking
The 18th International Conference on Gambling & Risk Taking takes place May 23-25, 2023, at the Park MGM, Las Vegas, Nevada.
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April 2023
neccton wins another lottery RFP
Loteries de Catalunya, the sole regional lottery operator for the autonomous community of Catalunya, has adopted Neccton’s mentor software to safeguard its players from potential gambling harms.
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March 2023
New academic study by Dr. Michael Auer
The Efficacy of Voluntary Self-Exclusions in Reducing Gambling Among a Real-World Sample of British Online Casino Players
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February 2023
Betsson signs neccton’s RG and AML tool
neccton has hailed the signing of another worldclass operator
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February 2023
Neccton wins big at European Casino Awards
Neccton wins price for best player protection tool or system for the second time in a row
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